Sunday, September 21, 2014

Wanna turn your daughter into a murderous psychopath?

Of course you do, why wouldn't you?

Well, just get her one of these for her next birthday, and soon all the neighbors will be wondering where their pets went!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Never coulda seen this coming!

Sheriff Arpaio forced to return military weapons

PHOENIX -- Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is preparing to send back hundreds of weapons received under the US Government's controversial 1033 program, which sends military surplus equipment to local agencies.
Arpaio says the MCSO lost or misplaced 9 guns over 20 years, and is now being forced to return all items received.

So he's not only an asshole, he's also dangerously incompetent? Who knew?

You know, some of those "lost" or "misplaced" guns could easily have ended up in the hands of Mexican drug cartels. So I will expect Darrell Issa to launch a full investigation any moment now.

Fast and Furious 6 Movie Poster Is it only 6? Seems like a lot more.

More than 100 agencies are "suspended" from the program for similar reasons, but Arpaio says to his knowledge, the MCSO is the only agency to be terminated.

Oh, Jeezus. Ya know, maybe giving military-grade weaponry to every local yokel  county sheriff who ever made Paul Newman spend a night in the box might not have been such a great idea.

"We'd like to find them.  We don't know where they're at.  We keep auditing to try to find them, but way back then we didn't have the high tech computer system [to track them]," Arpaio explained. 


You really need a "high tech computer system" to keep track of where you put the ASSAULT RIFLES?

You seriously need a computer for that? 'Cause I'm pretty sure this guy could handle that task:

 How high-tech a system do you need? I'm thinking this system should be plenty high-tech enough: 

Does your department not have one of these?

You put the guns in. You lock the door. You don't, and I can't stress this enough, you DON'T give every Tom Dick and Harry the combination. Then when Al Queda comes storming into Arizona, you unlock the safe and your assault rifles are ready to defend whatever it is you have in Arizona that you think is worth defending.  It's not that complicated. And actually, it should really be even easier because you can lock the safe and lose the combination because you will NEVER EVER NEED MILITARY-GRADE ASSAULT WEAPONS TO PERFORM THE DUTIES OF LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT!!!

"It really doesn't mean anything. Look at the handguns.  They probably don't work anyway.   We have plenty of our own," Arpaio said Tuesday.

Oh, yeah. . . I totally don't even care. I wasn't even like using those anyway.  I totally forgot we even had them. Yeah, I got like, a ton of other guns okay? I don't even need your stupid guns anyway.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Colorful News

Street gangs tone down use of colors, tattoos 

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Nearly gone are the gang days of the 1980s and '90s, when the Bloods wore head-to-toe red

the Crips wore blue and Latin Kings wore black and gold.

 Gangs from coast to coast have toned down their use of colors and are even removing or altering tattoos.
Today, the most you might see is part of a red handkerchief hanging out of a back pocket or a gold and black baseball cap, said Johnmichael O'Hare, a Hartford police sergeant who monitors gangs.         

One such neighborhood gang in Hartford, Money Green/Bedroc, often wore the kind of athletic jerseys popular among kids nationwide,

In Los Angeles, court injunctions allow police to enforce nighttime curfews and arrest people for hanging out in public and wearing gang colors."So we don't see so much wearing of the colors. We don't see so much of the tattooing,"

Monday, September 15, 2014

Karl Rove is still shameless.

Holy fuck, this prick doesn't even make a pretense of anything approaching honesty.

This is what that piece of shit had to say on some garbage FOX show:

The president is suffering because of the policies of his administration, squandered the peace, and have led to the circumstances we find ourselves in today

The peace.

He squandered "the peace."

The two wars he inherited apparently qualify as "the peace."

Un fucking believable.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

I love a parade Vol. III

Just a few more pictures from the Dragon*Con Parade.

These are Gumbys
The person on the far right wins my award for cleverest costume - Gumby dressed as a Gumby..

 This would appear to be tiny Spiderman hanging out with Gotham City villains.

Not cool, tiny Spidey, not cool.

Probably the less said about this next group the better: 


More Box Heroes, an Atlanta institution:


 No idea.

Um, a robot?

I have no clue.

Wait, now I do:

Putting the Dragon in Dragon*Con

Admiral Akbar busting ghosts?

This has to be from Star Wars, right?

Oh my God, I actually know this one!
Back to the Future!

Ooh, two in a row -- Indy!

Scary sword guy?

On the right, Powerpuff Girls. On the left? Maybe porn characters?

The Periodic Table of Elements

And as we all know, the most terrifying element is Sodium:

The Ice King

Some guy. Looks like a jerk.


Wreck-it Ralph, Disney princesses and some walking eclairs.

And, to reward you for your patience, I will close with a little beefcake: