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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dating Shows

Reality TV dating shows are, to paraphrase tracy pew, the anus of culture. Or, more accurately, what is expelled from the anus of culture. I always wonder how they get people to participate in these freak shows. I imagine the meeting goes something like this:

Location: a sidewalk in Santa Monica
Participants: The producer of "For the love of Ray J" and some unfortunate skank.

Say, you're an attractive woman with obvious self-esteem issues and no discernable talent. How'd you like to be in a contest?

What kinda contest?

Well, you and several other women will degrade and humiliate yourselves to win the attentions of the kind of man who would want you to degrade and humiliate yourselves.

I don't know. . .

Did I mention that this vile, loathsome man is a famous celebrity?

OOh, what is he famous for?

Pissing on Kim Kardashian.

Where do I sign?

Oh, I should mention that the humiliation and degradation will be taking place on national TV.

Hey, you had me at "pissing!"

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