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Saturday, February 21, 2009

On a Claire day

Believe it or not, some newspapers actually expend newsprint on this:

Want to write your own "Claire Day" Comic? Why wouldn't you, when its this easy!
Just use this simple template:

Frame 1: A character says something.

Frame 2: A brief conversation which seems like it could be a set-up for a punchline.

Frame 3: Someone makes a simple declarative statement about something obvious.

Why waste time being funny or clever or amusing or thought-provoking when you can make money with this can't-miss formula?

Here's an example:

Frame 1: Claire to co-worker: "what's wrong?"

Frame 2: Co-worker to Claire: "I have a headache!"

Frame 3: Claire: "Headaches Hurt!"

POW! Money in the bank! And it only took me like, ten seconds to compose!

Here's another tip:
Never take an art class. Being able to draw well is NOT a requirement for entry into the fun, fast-paced world of comic strip hackery!

Now you're ready. Grab a pen and start hacking!


Anonymous said...

Wanna start a blog?

Here's what you do.

Be a moron with nothing useful to say about anything.

Think someone gives a fuck what you think.

Sign on to Blogger.

Be afraid to say who you really are.

Bingo! You're this loser!

Professor Chaos said...

yes, ANONYMOUS, it is pretty sad when someone is afraid to say who they really are. Point well taken, ANONYMOUS.