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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


First it was toxic pet food, then toxic baby formula, then lead-painted toys. Now it's fucking drywall? You poisoned our drywall? Well, according to this you did.

Is Drywall the Next Chinese Import Scandal?

By Tim Padgett / Miami

. . .it wasn't until her repairman got fed up with fixing inexplicably corroded air-conditioner coils that Beck finally discovered what she and her homebuilder suspect is the source of the poltergeist: the Chinese drywall of the house's interiors. Beck is among hundreds of homeowners in Florida alleging that toxic levels of chemical pollutants such as sulfur are issuing from contaminated drywall made in some Chinese factories. At least four class-action lawsuits have been filed in Florida; others have been filed in California, Louisiana and Alabama.
Goddammit, if you kill us all, you'll never get your money back.

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