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Monday, July 6, 2009

Good Heavens, I've been Twittered!

This afternoon, while innocently Googling myself (don't judge me!) I ran across this:

Twitter / TallahasseeCENTURY21: The Daily Irritant: Joan S ...

The Daily Irritant: Joan Swirsky Is One Crazy Tea-bagger!: Besides the Fact that Ms Napolitano had fuck-all to d.. -
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So I clicked on it, and I saw this:

So, I guess I've been Twittered, but I don't really get what that means. I don't have a Twitter account. If anyone out there understands Twitter, I would sure appreciate it if you could explain this to me. (Bear in mind, I'm over 40 so use small words)

My theory is that someone sent a link to my "blog" as a "tweet" to his or her "friends" and if that's so, THANK YOU. I need all the linkage I can get.

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