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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Michele Bachmann Continues to be the Stupidest member of Either House

Michele Bachmann (R-Insanistan) is trying to scare people away from a National health care plan, and this is what she comes up with:

we taxpayers will subsidize that government option, and that government option will be 30%-40% cheaper than any private plan out there. It will probably offer equal or better benefits than any plan, but cheaper.

Here's the audio:

Michele Bachmann is so freakin stupid she makes my head hurt. I can not believe that the people of Minnesota actually thought that she was someone who should represent them in Congress. She actually gives a pretty good argument FOR a national health care plan while thinking that she is arguing against it. Then she warns that the government plan will put private insurers out of business, as if that should horrify us. Oh, God no! Not poor little Aetna! Not Health Net! Oh, the humanity!
Anyone who has has to deal with a health insurance company already wishes the SOB's would go out of business and their Executives should die broke, alone and unloved.

Then, because she is Michele Bachmann and there's only so long she can go without spouting loony conspiracy theories, she claims that once a person reaches 55 years of age, they will be forced to go to their doctor for euthanasia. Looks like someone thinks that "Logan's Run" was a documentary.

People of Minnesota: You need to rid yourself of this fatuous, slow-witted, deranged sideshow of a representative. Vote for anyone else in 2010. You're making Oklahoma look good and that's hard to pull off.


Steph Infection said...

That woman makes me so rageful it is SCARY. Ugh!!

Mike Haubrich said...

Hey, she won a bare majority of a district that had been gerrymandered to ensure that a Republican would be elected.

Last fall I was in her district doorknocking for her opponent, and came up to a house that had been mis-identified as being a "Leaning Democratic" household. The woman came to the door, the day after she had complained about Obama's "Anti-America Views" (and the 17 commies in Congress,) and when I asked her if she intended to vote for Bachmann in light of such a statement. The woman looked at me with fire in her eyes and spite in her voice and said "Yes!"

We have our right-wing and only occasionally are we Democrats able to keep them at bay. Look at our two-term gov. and you will see what I mean.

Professor Chaos said...

Hey, check it out! There is a link to this post on Huffington Post!