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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Meet Nancy No

This is Nancy No.

Nancy is a teabagger, a birther, and an opponent of Health Care reform.

Basically, if you're for it, Nancy's agin' it!

Even if you're not for it, she's probably against it.

Let's pay Nancy a visit.

Hey Nancy, do you think the Federal Government should provide a public option for health care?

Nancy, do you want the government to inject money into the economy to try and stimulate it?

Say Nancy, it's pretty hot out there, can I get you a soda?

Nancy, is your IQ higher than a gnat's?

Ha! Gotcha, Nancy No!


jadedj said...

Wait a minute...that's not Nancy, that's NOah, Nancy's brudder.

Professor Chaos said...

Is that really a dude? I would have bet money that was a homely woman.