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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Asylum? What the Hell?

On Jan. 26, the Roemeike family of Germany was granted Asylum in the USA.

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Seems strange, since Germany is a democratic, free country and is considered an ally. I guess the Roemeikes must have been some sort political dissidents, or maybe adherents to some strange cult that is banned in Germany.

Um, no.

They're home-schoolers.

Home-schoolers. Given asylum in the U.S. Asylum to avoid being persecuted for home-schooling.

This can't be right.

Well, according to TIME Magazine:

The Romeikes are not your typical asylum seekers. They did not come to the U.S. to flee war or despotism in their native land. No, these music teachers left Germany because they didn't like what their children were learning in public school - and because homeschooling is illegal there.

I guess Germany still holds to that antiquated notion that children are entitled to a decent education.

"It's our fundamental right to decide how we want to teach our children," says Uwe Romeike, an Evangelical Christian and a concert pianist. . . Romeike decided to uproot his family in 2008 after he and his wife had accrued about $10,000 in fines for homeschooling their three oldest children and police had turned up at their doorstep and escorted them to school. "My kids were crying, but nobody seemed to care," Romeike says of the incident.

So, that's fine. If you don't like the laws in your native land, you're certainly entitled to go to the nearest US Embassy and fill out an application to come here and wait your turn along with the other would-be emigres. But how do you get bumped to the front of the line with a ridiculous asylum plea?

Romeike's wife Hannelore tells TIME the family was contacted by the Virginia-based Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), which suggested they go to the U.S. and settle in Morristown, Tenn.

Wow. Some kooky group of anti-normal-society religious fanatics puts in a good word for you and you get granted asylum?

Hey, I don't like the law that says I can't smoke pot! Can I get asylum in Amsterdam?

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Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

We do not want them in east TN.