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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Dumbest Campaign Ad Ever in the History of Campaign Ads. Or Any Other Kind Of Ads.

Someone named Pat O'Brien is running for secretary of state in Arkansas, a position so crucial that George Washongton and Abe Lincoln are taking time off from their Heavenly activities to discuss the campaign. Also Ben Franklin, who seems to have worked out some sort of a plea bargain with God where he gets to go to Heaven, but God gets to hit him with lightning bolts whenever he says something stupid.

Pat O'Brien's two main qualifications for Secretary of State seem to be 1) that Pat O'Brien is a fairly common name. 2) He is running for Secretary of State in Arkansas.
That's it. The first 20 seconds are the Washington and Lincoln doing the worst Abbott and Costello routine in history, then the last 10 seconds are Pat O'Brien chuckling and saying "I'm running for Secretary of State." And what more reason would you need to vote for him than the fact that he is running?

1 comment:

jadedj said...

Well hell, I thought it was a used car commercial.