Thursday, April 29, 2010

Insane Quote of the Day

From Rockland Progressive:

Kristia Cavere, from Tuxedo in Orange County, is the Tea Party and a Republican candidate for New York’s 19th Congressional District seat held by Hall. Cavere thinks that the Democrats have co-opted Republican values and claims, among other things, that:

“The Republicans are the ones who liberated Europe

in World War II.”

Is there even any need to point out how absurd this claim is? Roosevelt and Truman were the Presidents during WWII. So, what, you're saying that all the soldiers were Republicans?
The Republicans were an isolationist party at the time who tried to stop FDR from intervening on the side of the Allies (leading Roosevelt to circumvent them with the lend-lease program)
But once Pearl Harbor was bombed, Republicans, Democrats, independents, Socialists, etc all lined up at the recruiting stations, and of those who didn't volunteer, many were drafted. So no party holds a monopoly on WWII service.

You know, I said I wasn't going to bother refuting this imbecilic claim.

So, Kristia Cavere, that name sounded familiar. Sure enough, here crazy ass has made an appearance on this blog back in November of 2009, although it looks like I never published that post for some reson, so I will just add it on here.


Is this person serious?

This is the bio for some weird lady named Kristia Cavere:

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Kristia Cavere

Kristia Cavere lost her brother, an Army medic, in Iraq in 2007. She has dedicated her life to protecting and defending America. Kristia has a Master's of Science in Defense & Strategic Studies. Her website, where she writes daily, is Kristia can be contacted through, Facebook, and Twitter.

I don't know about you, but when someone asks me to tell them a little bit about myself, i don't lead off with how my brother died. But then again, I'm not trying to aggrandize myself by glomming on to my brother's sacrifice. And my brother's not dead. But anyway. . . how is that your lead sentence? I think maybe she intends the first sentence to give some sort of credibility to the second: "She has dedicated her life to protecting and defending America."

Yeah, sounds like it was your brother who dedicated his life to the defense of America. Because while he joined the Army and became a medic, saving the lives of wounded soldiers, you were what, getting you masters in "defense & strategic studies"? Learning about defense is not the same thing as actually doing it.
Even her website, where she writes daily!, is entitled ""
How pathetic is that? 'Cause it feels kinda like you're saying "I have credibility because I made the ultimate sacrifice! Of my brother's life."

So I checked out, and it gets even lamer! She has an expanded bio on the site, under an odd collection of photos of herself during various stages of life.

This is the sort of photo array one generally sees displayed at a memorial service.

So, anyway, in this expanded bio, which is all written in the third person, there are a couple of clues as to how Ms. Cavere became such an odd bird.
First: They listened to their maternal grandparents’ stories of their horror living under Communism in Ukraine from the 1920’s through 1930’s, and then totalitarianism in Germany during the late 1930’s and 1940’s.

Really? My grandparents told me stories about the Little Red Hen and Peter Rabbit, or sometimes stories from the Bible. Her grandparents recited passages from their gulag memoirs?

Second: In order to teach them history in a creative and memorable way, their mother dressed up Kristia and Jon in historical period costumes, and had them act out the historical events as she narrated the tale.

Yikes! See, I think that might be something you might want to leave out of your bio.

Then, both siblings serve their country in their own way:
After his college graduation, Jon proudly enlisted in the United States Army and became a medic in the 10th Mountain Division. Kristia supported and was grateful for his service.

Yeah, you're awesome, Kristia!

Kristia is committed to serving and protecting her country in every way she can,

Except, of course, actually joining the military. But any other way that she can be of service, like oh, I don't know, writing a dumb blog. Yeah, that's totally serving her country!

Kristia’s favorite hobbies are horseback riding, tae kwon do, sailing, painting, and traveling throughout America.

Which obviously doesn't leave a lot of time for, um, serving her country, but hey, she writes on her website Every Day!

Speaking of which, let's see what sort of thing she writes, shall we?

November 9, 2009
America needs industry, Obama needs therapy

More so than any other time in our history, Americans are beginning to believe there are no solutions to the many crises that we are experiencing.

Right, because no one thought that during the 1930's. The Great Depression, the dust Bowl, the threats of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, no one was too terribly pessimistic. But then, they didn't have the spectre of a PUBLIC OPTION!!! hanging over their heads like the sword of Damocles.

The list of industries which have failed is alarming: textiles, automobile, production, agricultural, energy, healthcare, banking, education.

It's not so much that the textile industry failed, as that they sent all the jobs overseas. Same for other manufacturing jobs, which is what I assume you mean by "production." The healthcare industry is shockingly profitable considering that they also have "failed." How exactly has the energy industry failed? Other than Enron, what other energy companies have gone under? Also, education is not an industry. But let's not quibble.

This is the logical outcome of the ever-growing Democratic control of American industry, which has, during the course of the past fifty years, accomplished their ideal form of socialism.

Because during the past Fifty years obviously Democrats have been in charge of everything. You know, if you ignore the Reagan years, the Gingrich Congress, Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Bush I, and of course the years 2001-2007 in which G.W. Bush was in the White House and Republicans controlled both houses of Congress. Other than that, Democrats have totally been running everything! And they have been so successful in installing socialism that today we have universal, single-payer healthcare, free secondary education for all, and our SAAB factories produce some of the finest cars in, wait a minute! That's not us!

The government now controls the innovation of business,

That's just stupid. You might as well say that the government controls the adorableness of puppies.

Yeah, that was just an excuse to put in a cute puppy picture. You got a problem with that?

The government now controls the innovation of business, and while commerce is floundering Washington is giving taxpayer-funded subsidies to their comrades.

What the hell? I can only assume that you are referring to the various bailouts, since you don't clarify what the fuck subsidies for what the fuck comrades you mean. The bailouts were to Auto companies, banks and other large financial institutions. In other words, COMMERCE!
So you're complaining that, while commerce is floundering, the Democrats in Washington are bailing out commerce? What kind of sense does that make?

The Democrats destroyed our industries,

No, globalization and free-market bullshit destroyed those of our industries which were destroyed. And yes, Bill Clinton is partly responsible for that with his push for NAFTA and GATT and whatnot, but free-market globalization is a conservative principle. It's not the Democrats' fault that everything sold in America is made in China. (Although they haven't done anything to prevent it)

The Democrats destroyed our industries, and those that were most controlled by the Democrats are the industries which are the most damaged through unions and left-leaning management.

I'm sorry, what companies have "left-leaning management?" Maybe Ben & Jerry's? I mean seriously, what companies are run by lefties? If any publicly-traded company were run in a left-leaning way, the board of directors would can the CEO.

Now there is Wall Street to all [sic] to the list of liberal blunders.

See, now a statement like that really requires some sort of evidence to back it up. Would you care to demonstrate how the "liberals" are responsible for Wall Street?

It is a façade that Republicans control Wall Street and big business. Most of those who contributed to Obama's campaign were from large businesses in the financial industry.

Hmm, yeah. That would better serve as evidence that Wall Street has some control over Obama. See, if a company contributes money to your campaign, then you kind of owe them a favor, especially if you want them to contribute to your next campaign. Which you almost surely do. So unless you have something else to back up your silly claim, you may as well just blame the wall Street fiasco on the adorable puppy!

Wall Street gave Obama over $9.5 million, yet the Democrats and their allies in the media have successfully labeled our financial sector as a Republican bastion. In reality, the philosophy of those who are in charge is more socialist than capitalist.

Well, in the sense that these arrogant bastards expect their losses to be socialized, then yeah, you have a point. But I'm sure that's not what you're trying to say. Instead of reading on and on in your silly, stupid column, let me see if I can just summarize your thesis so I can go to bed.

The economy is bad. Bad things are socialist. The End.
P.S. everything is the democrats' fault.
My brother is dead.
I'm a hero.


Buffy said...

Another idiot who thinks she's defending Amurka by being a Keyboard Commando. And WTF is with that bottom-center photo? Looks more like some cheesecake pose for her boyfriend than something she should have on purportedly serious Website.

Malik B. Isaac said...

This post made me laugh out loud. Thank you. Yes, those are some bizarre comments indeed! I enjoy your responses and I particularly like the slogan of your blog. I've developed this one: "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade--just don't open a lemonade stand alright?"