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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So, Sandra Bullock Married This, huh?

Imagine you're Sandra Bullock. You're attractive, successful, probably perfectly pleasant. Basically, you've got options. Lots of options for fellas to spend your time with. So how do you end up saddled with this tool bag? I mean, seriously, just look at this owl casting of a human being.

Honestly, if you somehow ended up married to this enema nozzle, wouldn't you just expect that screwing porn stars would be the least awful thing he was likely to do during the course of your marriage?

And would you be surprised to read this:

Adding another potential bombshell element to the sudden explosion of Sandra Bullock’s marriage, has learned exclusively that Jesse James has more than 12 homemade sex tapes.

The tapes Jesse made with other women are shocking. “Most of the tapes feature a mass amount of Nazi paraphernalia,” an insider tells “It’s all really quite disturbing.”

So, what, did sandra Bullock lose a bet? Is she secretly awful? Maybe she thought she was getting this Jesse James:

Jesse & Frank James

At least we know that that Jesse James had a hand and a heart and a brain


sunshine said...

I don't know ... the heart wants what the heart wants.. :P

I think that he was probably pretty good at being what she wanted hi m to be.
Eventually it all came back to bite him in the ass though.

It's too because I think that she really loved him. And, I don't think he minded being Mr.Sandra Bullock. :P


Margaret Benbow said...

Yes...I think that Sandra was genuinely pure at heart, loved the guy and just never suspected she was getting Mr. Nazi Erotica. Yuck!