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Friday, April 30, 2010

Sweet Tap-Dancing Jeebus, How Is Bill Kristol Still Allowed to Talk on TV?


From Politicususa:

Fox News contributor Bill Kristol was on Special Report with Bret Baier tonight defending off shore drilling, when he made perhaps the stupidest statement of all time. He said offshore drilling is quite safe, “and very environmentally clean, except where there is a disaster like this.”

Kristol said, “Look the data’s pretty clear in general that the offshore drilling of oil has become incredibly quite safe, not perfectly safe, but compared to other ways of getting energy, quite safe compared to the mining of coal for example, and very environmentally clean, except when there is a disaster like this spill, but Exxon Valdez was much bigger.

Also safe: Russian Roulette. Until the gun goes off.

Juggling Chainsaws. Unless you count getting your hand cut off.

Driving Drunk. Until the inevitable crash.

Seriously, how the hell is this moron allowed on television.
Has he ever been right about anything?

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