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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random Thoughts On Rand Paul
Random thought #1:
What kind of a douchebag names his kid after Ayn Rand? How does that conversation go?

Mrs. Paul: Honey, I was thinking that if it's a boy, we might name him after my father.
Ron Paul: Nope. Gonna name 'im after my favorite pseudo-philosopher! The woman who put a quasi-intellectual sheen on being a self-centered asshole, Ayn Rand.
Mrs. P: But what if it's a boy?
Ron P: If it's a boy, we'll name him "Rand." "Ayn" if it's a girl, "Rand" if it's a boy.
Mrs. P: But what if he doesn't grow up to be a narcissistic bag of greed?
Ron P: Oh, he will, honey! He will!

Random Thought # 2:
What kind of a tool gives an acceptance speech at a country club? Especially when the teabaggers make such a big deal of their phony populism, it seems a little politically tone-deaf to give your obligatory "standing up for the common folk against the Washington fat cats" speech at a place whose name is synonymous with elitism.

Random Thought #3:
Why do we have to pretend that this victory is some sort of a big deal? It's a primary. Primary voters tend to be those on the right wing of the Republican Party, it's not surprising that they would choose the nutty libertarian. And I gotta think that having a famous/notorious father probably did at least as much to propel him to victory as his affiliation with the Teabaggers. (See Bush, George W.)
If/when a teabagger candidate wins in a general election, then maybe, maybe that might be an indication that the Tea Party is a significant force in politics. Right now, you've just got an extremist candidate being nominated by Republican voters. Quell Surprise! The bigger story is that in Kentucky of all places, there were nearly 200,000 more votes cast in the Democratic Primary than in the Republican one. (Source: Pensito Review) That doesn't bode well for Rand in the general election.

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Margaret Benbow said...

Thanks for the Ayn Rand picture. She looks sort of disturbed, as though her hat should be made of tinfoil to ward off the proletarian demons...