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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Rules For Confirmation Hearings

Rule # 1: If you are incapable of pronouncing the word "accurate," you are not allowed to question a Supreme Court nominee.

Rule # 2: If you use your allotted time to ask a Jewish woman where she celebrated Christmas, you are no longer to be allotted any time at any future hearing.

Rule # 3: If you use any portion of your allotted time to ask the nominee about "Twilight," you are no longer permitted to speak in public on any subject, and must resign in disgrace.

1 comment:

Blueberry said...

Everybody writes down a stupid question on a slip of paper, and someone from the other Party has to draw one out and ask it. Or maybe they were double-dog-dared to ask that stuff. Hard to think of any other reason.