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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sometimes TIVO Tapes The Wrong Channel

Which is why I now know what an odious bit of offal is the show "Cougartown."

Cougartown is an alleged comedy which feels like it was created by comittee or focus group. It's like they had Courtney Cox and couldn't think of what to do with her, so they went to the "Trending Now" section of the Yahoo front page nad said "what are people talking about at this second in history? What subject is the most 'now'?" And someone saw "Cougars" and said "Eureka! Cougars are the hot new trend! Let's base a show on that!"

What is supposed to be so fascinating about the "cougars" is the shocking thought that women who are over 40 might still have an interest in the old bow-chicka-bow-wow, if you know what I mean. And who's over 40? Why, Courtney Cox is, My God! It's all coming together.

So the main point of the show seems to be that Cox is in remarkable physical condition and is therefore able to attract virile young men.
Sound intriguing? No, of course it doesn't.

(And the above picture pretty much sums up the ham-fisted approach to, well, everything in this show.)

So Courtney Cox is the lead actress, and she may be the most utterly charmless actress ever to grace the small screen. Altogether devoid of charm, charisma or likability, she mugs and flounces and generally overacts her way through the entire 5 or 6 minutes I was able to sit through. Really, just an awful, embarrassing performance.

Christa Miller, so good in SCRUBS, and Ian Gomez are thoroughly wasted in the supporting roles of a husband and wife who, get this, the husband, okay, he wants to have sex with his wife more often than she wants to have sex with him! Isn't that hilarious?
No, of course it isn't. But that's what they are reduced to.

And they were both funny on the Drew Carey Show.

Not that the Drew Carey Show is exactly a huge gold star on the old resume' but, Lord, it was better than "Friends."


BeckEye said...

Ha ha...I keep hearing rave reviews about this show in the entertainment mags and I still can't bring myself to watch it. It just looks stupid.

Blueberry said...

Is it worse than Desperate Housewives, or have you not seen that one? I watched selective bits of it for John Barrowman to see what he was up to in-between Torchwoods. It made me thankful for 2 things: the fast-forward, and the fact that his character got blowed-up dead so I don't need to watch any more of it.

Professor Chaos said...

You know what, though, the first season of Desperate Housewives was really good. It revolved around a missing child, an unidentified body, a mysterious man with a gun and a lot of cash hidden in his house, a suicide, and i forget what all else, but it was just riveting. They never quite recaptured that magic and the last couple seasons have been pretty weak, I haven't watched it for a while, but if you get the chance to see Season 1 in reruns or on DVD, check it out.

sunshine said...

I hate the term "Cougar" or "Milf". Blah, makes me feel dirty!
Therefore, I chose not to watch this crap! :P


Professor Chaos said...

Yeah, those are both pretty gross.