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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crazy Candidate of the Day - Scary, Gun-Toting Edition

Today's crazy candidate: Alabama's Dale Peterson

He was a Marine in Vietnam, so Listen Up!!!

Funniest Line: "We're republicans. We should be better than that! Apparently, someone is a little unfamiliar with the Republican Party!

Oh, and did he mention that he was a Marine? A Marine during Vietnam?

Funniest line: "It's time. . . to step up to the political place. . ." Apparently, someone is a little unfamiliar with baseball analogies!

Well, unfortunately Dale Peterson is out of the race, so it's too late to vote for him. But that doesn't mean he has to stop making ads!

Funniest line: That dummy . . .can go back to his chicken farm." Only funny because Dale just bragged about being a farmer not 60 seconds ago. Apparently, someone is a little unfamiliar with irony!

1 comment:

jadedj said...

Well hell, son...I've always agreed with shooting them sorry ass commie, bustin into this country, sign stealers...dead. So listen up, they'll be no prisoners, cuz, cuzin' (exceptin' my wife, of course), they don't call us Vietnam Marines, who fought in Vietnam, and defended our country with the ultimate price if necessary cuz' our countree needed us...they don't call us jarheads for nothin'. Can't figur' out why they call me Empty Jarhead though.

You should have titled this, Morans Running for Public Office.