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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crazy Candidat of the Day - Mel Brooks Edition

Today's Crazy candidate is California's Mattie Fein!

I don't know who the hell Mattie Fein is, but she approves of this message:

My favorite part is at the end, whenre the placard reads "Approved by Mattie Fein, Parid for by Mattie Fein for Congress" She adds in parentheses (obligatry McCain-Feingold anti-free speech message) then in smaller, but still parenthetical type: (which was passed to protect multi-millionaire-career-politician incumbents) Apparently, true freedom requires that attack ads be permitted to be published anonymously? I guess?

Anyway, I haven't been able to find out much about her, but according to her website, she "has served as Communications Director for the American Freedom Agenda, an organization devoted to restoring checks and balances and protections against government abuses."

Unfortunately, their website seems to no longer be in existence, but an article about the group from 2008 state that they favor:
renouncing the use of presidential signing statements to claim a right to disobey laws; ending threats to prosecute journalists who write about classified matters; and promising to use regular courts rather than military commissions to try terrorism suspects. The full pledge is posted on the group's website, [don't bother clicking]

which sounds not crazy at all.
But come on, that was one crazy ad!

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