Sunday, October 17, 2010

Movies I Have Never Seen

That everyone just assumes that everyone else has seen.

In alphabetical order.


Bull Durham



Die Hard

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Field of Dreams

Good, the Bad and the Ugly,The

It's a Wonderful Life


Lethal Weapon

Matrix, The *


Slap Shot

There will be Blood **


Top Gun ***

Also, I have never seen anything with Bruce Lee, Only one Dirty Harry movie, and only one James Bond (During high school, my friends and I would go see whatever happened to be playing at the $!.50 theater. That is how I saw "Octopussy," which killed any interest I might have had in seeing any other of the Bond series.)

* I saw a couple of scenes when my friend was showing off his fancy newfangled DVD player. They were awful.

** I know this got great ink, but I hated Magnolia, I wa underwhelmed by Boogie Nights, and I'm just not that eager to sit through, what is it, like 3 1/2 hours to give Paul Thomas Anderson a third strike.

** * I did see part of this at a friend's house. I fell asleep. I don't think I missed much.


Kal said...

Some of those are pop cultural signposts that you really need to see. Except for 'E.T.' which I will never see just because everyone has seen it. I tried to avoid 'Titanic' too.

'The Matrix'? How can you miss out on something that is SO FREAKIN' COOL!!!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say that you *need* to see any of those, but I do agree that most of them are occasionally useful in casual conversation.

I would say these are the three most worth seeing for the sake of seeing them:

1. There will be Blood
2. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (admittedly a crapshoot depending on your tastes)
3. Deliverance

Regarding "There will be Blood", I actually agree with you about Magnolia (contrived and self-important from the very beginning) and Boogie Nights (entertaining but little of it has remained with me), but TWBB was, well... something. Long, yes, but when it's on, it's *on*.

Professor Chaos said...

I have always wanted to see Good Bad & Ugly, just never got around to it. Maybe I will have to check out "will Be Blood" now.