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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bad Ads -- Taco Bell

It's actually not a bad commercial. Joe Girardi does a good job, and it's a decent idea, having to bring in a closer to finish up. But watch the video:

The guy never takes a single bite. Why is he saying "I can barely finish" when he has yet to begin? And then he tells Girardi, "I got a couple of bites left." You have all your bites left! You haven't touched the damn thing!
Not that I blame the guy, I mean it does look particularly unappetizing with that viscous cheese-like substance oozing onto the meat-like substance, but still. How hard would it have been to have the guy eat at least a couple of bites before he declares that he can barely finish it?
I don't get how the ad people didn't catch this. At the end of the ad Girardi says "the kid chewed a heck of a chalupa today," when clearly the kid has done no such thing. It doesn't make sense. How does nobody catch this before it makes it on the air?

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