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Friday, November 12, 2010

Surprising Revelations from Bush's Memoir # 2

George W. Bush's mother is Rick Santorum!

George W. Bush’s pro-life stance solidified when he was a teenager in Texas — after his mother suffered a devastating miscarriage and showed him the fetus in a jar.
“She said to her teenage kid, ‘Here’s the fetus,’ ” the shockingly candid Bush told NBC’s Matt Lauer, gesturing as if he were holding the jar during the TV chat.

Oh. My. God!
 Geezus, No wonder he became a drunk!


Kim Hambric said...

My mother had a child who died right after birth. She was wise and did NOT have it put into a jar. I do believe the baby was properly buried.

I always knew Barbara was a nut job.

Ahab said...

I realize that she was probably upset after the miscarriage, but showing your miscarried fetus to your teenage son is NOT healthy.

One Fly said...

No shit! really

jadedj said...

In Barbara's defense...contrary to George's recollection, what is not generally known is, the miscarriage was actually George W. They managed to get him out of the mayo jar just in time, but he still insists that it was someone else.

Professor Chaos said...

Ha! Good one!

libhom said...

That story sounds made Bush that is.