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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Latest Discoveries

 From the fertile musical soil of Atlanta, GA come these new musical discoveries.

1) We saw these guys at the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade/Festival. I looooooooooved 'em. They're sort of a jug-band / psychobilly mix, I guess? Anyway, their name is Uncle Daddy & The Kissin' Cousins. Check 'em out:

2-muleskinner blues from rob downs on Vimeo.

1-moonshine from rob downs on Vimeo.

2) Our scooter club rode behind these guys in the parade. They kept us entertained and we did our best to dance while riding scooters. They're called Mermaids:

Mermaids - "Whirlpool" from Alex Adan on Vimeo.

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when we saw them, they had a Theremin player which was pretty cool.

3) This guy I just happened to hear on the radio on the way home from work. This is Tyler Lyle:

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4) These guys are actually from Athens, GA, but they spend a fair amount of time in ATL, and they've been getting a lot of buzz lately, so here are Modern Skirts:

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