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Sunday, March 20, 2011

How many wars are enough?

Why is the discussion only about how much involvement we should have in Libya?  Can we live with Qadaffi in power? We have for decades.

How many wars will be enough for these people? How many flag-draped coffins need to come home before their sick demented blood-lust is satisfied? How many soldiers need to come home missing arms or legs? How many need to be blinded or paralyzed before we can say enough? How many civilian deaths will it take? How many dark-skinned babies have to die before the party of life will say "stop?" How many widows and orphans need to be created before Bill Kristol can talk about sendidng in ground troops without getting an erection? How much blood do these people need?


Dr. Monkey said...

War with out end amen.

Ahab said...

I'm nervous about the U.S. military action in Libya, not only because of the devastating human toll, but the financial toll as well. Iraq and Afghanistan are fiscal black holes, so how on earth would the U.S. afford prolonged military action in a THIRD country!?