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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Larry Kudlow Accidentally Says it Out loud

Kudlow is grateful that the human toll of the earthquake/tsunami will be much worse than the economic toll.

 Of course, he's making a half-assed attempt to walk it back now:

(From TPM)
Kudlow tweeted his apology later on Friday:
I did not mean to say human toll in Japan less important than economic toll. Talking about markets. I flubbed the line. Sincere apology.

Because nothing makes your apology seem more sincere than not bothering to form complete sentences. Hey, I'm a busy man, if I'm gonna squeeze an apology into my hectic schedule, I gotta do it quickly! Sincere Apology! Luv Ya, Mean it!

Anyway, Larry, we know you didn't mean to say that. Because generally you're smart enough not to say things like that out loud. Usually, you're crafty enough to pretend to have a touch of human decency. But you definitely meant it. You just didn't mean to say it.  It's like when Mrs. Kudlow says "God I dread 'date night' with Larry!" she means it. She just didn't mean for you to hear it.

Of course, this is what the CNBC types, the Wall Street cheerleaders, the corporate apologists really think. That's why they celebrate whenever unemployment goes up, driving wages down. As long as the stock market has an uptick, they don't care about actual people actually suffering.

Honestly, it's unseemly to be discussing the economics of this disaster at all. What sort of a person sees that 10,000 lives are estimated lost and thinks "hmm, I'd better turn on CNBC and see how this will affect my portfolio?" What kind of a human being has that kind of reaction? How does someone like that look at  himself in the mirror and consider himself a human being? It's disgusting.

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