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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Please, No More!

Please no more poop yogurt commercials. We get it. Your yogurt makes people poop. Do we really have to be subjected to the idea that women sit around talking about poop with their friends all day? Or do women really do that when us fellas aren't around? Oh, good no boys - let's talk about poop! 
I'm pooping right now!

And jeezus, Jamie Lee Curtis! What the hell are you doing pimping poop yogurt? You're a successful actress. You have a career, or you did before these ads started. Now you're just the talkin' 'bout poopin' lady.  
You know, now I can never watch "Halloween" or "Trading Places" without thinking "Oh, hey it's the poop lady!" I don't want to think that. 

Micheal! I'm trying to poop in here!

Also, do we need the arrow? 

That's just gross! And unnecessary. We know what direction food travels. You don't need to illustrate it for us. 
Step one: Food is jumble up in stomach.

Step two: Eat poop yogurt
(maniacal grin optional) 
Step three: Food heads for butt!

Gross! Please, Activia, no more! I'm begging you.


Laura said...

Well ya know.. we all eat so much crapola now that none of us can poop properly. We need special yogurt to help us out.
Funny you should write about this. Just the other day I bought some of the yogurt drinks that are supposed to keep you "regular". My oldest son grabbed one, ripped it open and just before he took a drink stated.. "Oh good. Now I'll be able to poop regularly again".

Yummy. :)


Buffy said...

If you relied on commercials you'd think women talked about nothing but their digestive problems, that "not so fresh feeling" and cleaning products/appliances. Men, of course, only care about enhancing that certain part of their anatomy.

Two Sentz said...

Very funny! Thnaks1