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Friday, April 15, 2011

Terrible marketing Campaigns -- T-Mobile

So, someone at an ad agency saw the "I'm a Mac" Apple commercials and thought, "hey, we should do something like that. Something totally like that, only without the humor or charm. We'll even get a guy from the Daily Show to be in it so no one can possibly miss the fact that we're just ripping off the Mac ads."

"And let's get the least charismatic spokeswoman we can find to portray our product. Someone who's young and sorta pretty but still manages too be completely unappealing."
Who is the target market for this? People who detest originality? I would say people who hate AT&T, but that's pretty much the entire human race.


Anonymous said...

im glad someone els can easily see terrible marketing... im frustrated with my company and its "marketing"- or lack there of, and so i have been googling terrible marketing schemes to ease my frustration..

check out the commercial for "ted's chicken" on youtube or somewhere.. they decide to make it very clear that he ISNT excited about the country rating the chicken. insecure and unexcited about a challenge.. what a way to say your proud of your product. is it really that hard to come up with a good idea? oh well, wont be here forever lol.

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Anonymous said...

How terrible have there last two commercials been! 4g (Orgy) wonderland and that terrible one where they all sing at the mall.