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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

And Cue Phony Right-Wing Outrage in 3...2...

Ever since ABC aired footage of a "therapist" at Marcus Bachmann's horrible bullshit clinic offering to "cure" a gay guy, the right wing has cranked up the old phony outrage gin.

Bachmann & Associates Targeted by Pro-Homosexual Group

By Paul Stanley
Christian Post Reporter

Bachmann & Associates, the Christian counseling center owned by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and her husband Marcus, is coming under fire from a radical, pro-homosexual group for allegedly ministering to homosexual clients.
Wow! where to begin? "Radical?" Pointing out that the "ex-gay" movement is full of harmful bullshit is "radical?" I would think trying to change a person's sexuality would be quite a bit more "radical" than pointing out that people are actually trying this.
And "allegedly ministering to homosexual clients?" What are you saying here? We don't accept any clients that are gay? You don't "minister" to them? Your employee wasn't allegegdly caught on tape "allegedly" ministering to an "allegedly" gay client?

Media Guns Fire Blanks at Bachmann

By: Cliff Kincaid
July 12, 2011
Once a greatly feared investigative reporter, Brian Ross has been reduced to recycling left-wing material from the homosexual lobby. But the pathetic hit job he narrated on Monday’s ABC Nightline show on GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has backfired in a big way. The charge was that the Bachmann family counseling service engages in terrible things by teaching homosexuals how to leave their disease-ridden lifestyle.

Pathetic hit job? Showing footage of something that actually happened is a hit job?
Ross called this method of counseling, which emphasizes religious conversion, “highly controversial” and said it “could become a campaign issue.” Ironically, however, he presented evidence that ex-homosexuals do in fact exist

"Highly controversial" is really the most generous description one could give of ths so-called "therapy." And what he presented evidence of is the existence of deluded repressed closet-cases who like to claim to be "ex-gay."
The Brody FileHit Job by ABC News Against Michele Bachmann and Conservative Christians?

Ladies and gentlemen, we have found Exhibit A when it comes to media bias against conservative evangelical Christians. Congratulations to Brian Ross and his ABC News Investigative Unit!

Ross and the crew decided to do an “undercover investigation” about the use of reparative therapy at the Christian clinic owned by Michele and Marcus Bachmann. It is designed to convert gays back to heterosexuality through prayer and a therapeutic clinical process.

Apparently, Brody didn't get the memo. The Bachmanns adamently deny that their clinic engages in "reparative therapy." Even though they totally do.

First of all, you’re kidding me right? They did an undercover investigation to make the point that the healing power of Jesus Christ can transform lives? That’s what passes for an undercover investigation nowadays? Oy-gevalt.

Um, no. No, they did an investigation to make the point that this DOESN'T work.

Secondly, let’s search for editorial balance in the piece. OK. I’m done. There wasn’t any.

Um, yeah, you don't need editorial balance for a piece showing that the world isn't flat, or that werewolves aren't real or that ex-gay therapy is bullshit.
Finally,in terms of the conservative evangelical response, ABC News and Ross’s crew could have mentioned the group Exodus International who defines its mission as, “Mobilizing the body of Christ to minister grace and truth to a world impacted by homosexuality.”
Also, they didn't have on a representative of the Flat Earth Society, or any cryptozoologists.

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