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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Did You Know That There Are Some People Who Actually Take Dick Morris Seriously?

So apparently, Dick Morris took the hooker's toes out of his mouth long enough to talk to Sean Hannity about the debt limit.

Nothing like two guys who know nothing about economics discussing economics in the guise of experts.

Dick Morris says there is no chance of going into default. Forget the fact that everyone who actually does know anything, from academic economists to Wall Street assholes, say that the US will absolutely default if the debt ceiling is not raised. No, let's take the word of the guy who wrote THIS:

Yeah, how did that pan out again? I can't seem to remember which one of them ended up winning the presidency. Was it the one who lost her party's primary or the one who chose not to run at all?

Seriously, has Dick Morris ever been right about anything?

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