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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Horrible Mother Convicted of Abuse, Idiots leap to her defense.

Sadistic "Hot sauce Mom" Jessica Beagley   was convicted of child abuse and may face jail time. Of course there are a bunch of assholes taking to the comments section to defend her.

Warning: This video is very hard to watch.

I found that video very disturbing. But maybe even more disturbing are some of the comments left on the Yahoo news page containing the story:

Anna Babout an hour agoReport Abuse
Does the government decide just how the children of this generation is punished? What happend to spare the rod, spoil the child. I am glad that I grew up with spankings, they got the point across and I am better for it.

Really? You're better for it? So you used to be even worse? Obviously you weren't spanked hard enough to get across the point of subject-verb agreement.

Casa M4 minutes agoReport Abuse
Child abuse is a terrible thing, but is this really child abuse? Jail???? I know a whole lot of folks who got the "soap treatment" for cussin' and, son of a gun, they still take showers. Much adeu about nothing....
 Wow, so if you weren't traumatized enough to be rendered unable to bathe, then it doesn't count? Also, soap and hot sauce are very different things. Both are awful, but soap doesn't burn the lining of your mouth. Also, the word is "ado." Unless you are trying to say "much goodbye about nothing," in which case the word is "adieu." Also, your name means "house."

bbou8125 minutes agoReport Abuse
Big friggin deal!!! Abuse? lmao. if your an old person no one gives a !@#$!!! far worse things happen to the elderly every day! lets hear you cry about a REAL PROBLEM

If worse things happen to someone else, you have no complaint. Soldiers who have lost an arm or a leg in the war can't complain because Max Cleland lost 3 limbs. Now if you lose all four, then that'll shut old Max up!


Better not be whining while he's still got one good arm!
0users disliked this commentBad Bradabout a minute agoReport Abuse
Yeah lets let Casey Anthony walk, but find this lady guilty, our system here is so messed up it makes me sick!!! We cant spank our kids, cant pray in school well to God anyways but rap a towel around your head fly up to your local goverment office on you magic carpet with your wicker basket full of snakes and they will give you a 7-11 or a valero and let your kids have time out for mass in school. they take all our rights away from us BUT!!! let your kids do a crime before they are 17 then guess who is in trouble? you are, im sorry people but i am sick and tired of this F**ked up so called justic system and every red blooded American should feel the same way.... My point is this lady did nothing wrong but because Casey Anthony walked every parent that punishes there child will be proacuted and found guilty of child abuse. i could go on and on dang im #$%$!!!
 Um, wow! Just. . . wow!
First of all, Mass is celebrated by Catholics, not whatever fictional people ride magic carpets with snake baskets.
He has had it with these muthafuckin' snakes on this muthafuckin' magic carpet!

Second, no one is stopping anyone from praying in school. The schools are just not allowed to force anyone into prayer. Do you think that kids are getting into trouble for chanting "please, God, don't let her call on me?"

Third, which agency is it that is responsible for handing out the 7-11's and Valeros? 'Cause I will bring a basket of snakes down there right now!

Fourth, how does one "rap" a towel around one's head?

Fifth, are you sure that you are #$%$!!!? Are you sure you're not %@#&?

darkabout an hour agoReport Abuse
Punish the child, it's abuse. Let the nanny state tell us we can say 'that was a not so nice thing to do'... kid goes to highschool and kills a few dozzen of his classmates due to having no dicipline... It has got to be the parents fault.

Um, what? A kid with a lack of discipline goes on a murder spree? That's a hell of a leap! Oh, but wait, there's more from "Dark"

In my youth, i can safely say that i have digested no less than one case of Ivory bar soap, 30 gallons of Tabasco sauce, 2 bottles of ipicack (not to excuse the use of it). Wore out at least three belts, broke at least 17 wooden spoons, 3 hair brushes, and my mothers will once or twice. Somehow, after all of that, i managed to gain a healthy respect for law enforcement, and the rules.

Ah. I see.  Yes, you clearly have a healthy viewpoint. That's why you go by the name "Dark" and your profile looks like this:

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That just screams happy, healthy and well-balanced. Actually, it just screams. And it's no wonder, given the horriffic list of abuses you suffered as a child.

Regina2 hours agoReport Abuse
it starts out as something simple like lying, but it ends up with him disrespecting his mother, teacher girlfrined and killing his classmates, lets just send him to his room where his tv computer and game system is, that will teach him....NOT
Again with the killing the classmates? where is this idea coming from? If you don't torture the kid for telling a fib, he's sure to end up as a mass murderer. It makes no sense.

Not punished for lying, 1949.

HeadoftheClass53 minutes agoReport Abuse
That kid is lucky I'm not his mother, I'd do more than give him hot sauce, his rear end would be blistered red and he'd be grounded for three weeks. You weaklings out there with no spine to discipline your kids will raise children that are in charge of you and who will end up slapping you around. 

Interesting theory. If you don't beat the hell out of your kids, they will end up beating you? I would say that every kid is lucky that you are not his or her mother, since your parenting philosophy seems to be that family life is a blood sport for dominance

American Patriot13 minutes agoReport Abuse
Hot sauce is lame, it's much more fun to watch your kid bubble from the nose after washing the kids mouth out with soap. What ever happen to the trusty belt, that is how I go it......what a bunch of babies.

So you got beat with a belt, now you're the kind of sadist that thinks it's fun to watch children suffer. What was your point again?

Daniel44 minutes agoReport Abuse
I don't know what you people are talking about. When I was kid disiplence was #1. I thought a lot of times that my parents were hurting me and hated me, but really it showed how muc they loved me. Because of them I have no trouble figuring our right from wrong.

You believed that your parents hated you? That's horrible. But, you have a sense of right and wrong, so I guess the emotional trauma was worth it!

It's really depressing to know how many sadistic assholes there are out there. I'm sure a lot of thbem have kids. And if they don't yet, there's nothing to prevent them from having them. I have to go sob in the fetal position now.

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