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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bad Ads -- Consumer Cellular

What were they thinking?

First of all, they lead off with "The McCann Twins for Consumer Cellular," as if we're supposed to know who they are. (or who he is, I suspect both parts are played by the same master thespian)
As if they were the Yin-Yang Twins or the del Rubio Triplets, or the Dion Quintuplets. It doesn't make any sense since no one knows who they are, I don't think they're even real people.
They sure don't seem like real people. Could they have found a creepier actor(s)? If you saw one of these guys walking toward you, you'd cross the street. Then you'd pull out your smart phone and look him up on Megan's List.

Then there's the actual ad. An ad apparently designed by your great aunt Tillie, because it assumes that most people watching are completely overwhelmed by the complex intricacies of the cellular telephone.  And the ad seems not to realize that no one has made the "hey, guess where I'm calling from? Out on the Street!" call since about 1993.
Oh, they're complicated, oh they're expensive, oh the long-term contracts! Um, no. Have you been to Target lately? You can buy a phone for like thirty bucks and pay for. . . well why am I telling you? You're not a creepy white-haired freak with a rigor-mortis grimace where your smile should be. Of course, you're also not the sort of person who accepts "hey, ugly" as a substitute for witty banter either, so you're probably not in their target market.


jadedj said...

Uh, casting director...those guys are creepy. I am certain I have seen them on the Nebraska State Trooper Sex Offender List. Seriously.

Oh, and, $10 per month? FREE phone? Made in Nigeria maybe? Who the fuck is this ad geared to? The lobotomized?

tennysoneehemingway said...

The ad sure is creepy. Play it with the sound off and it could be two peadophiles organising their next meeting. Or victim. But speaking of creepy, we get a lot of American ads on our TV, seeing as most of our products come direct from America and I've noticed something awfully disturbing; all of these ads - virtually without exception - are really, really white. And not just the people, but the backgrounds, the houses, the cars. Is that something that I've just noticed, or is it a thing? And, believe me, we're no better with our ads over here. You'd think Australia didn't have an Aboriginal population the way most things are geared. Aboriginies live in cities and buy stuff too, Mr Smarmy Advertising man!!

Anonymous said...

In the new commercial (if your lucky enough to see the entire version) the 2 creepers are back. As the pilot and a flight attendant. Like that makes a lot of since. They or him looks like the same creeper as in the first commercial.