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Thursday, November 3, 2011

How Dare You? 

How dare you, Palestine? How dare you presume to be considered a real country? You can be a real country when WE give you permission! How dare you assume that when we say we want a "two-state solution," that one of those states would be for you? 

How dare you suggest that the invasion of Iraq happened prior to Barack Obama taking office? Everyone knows that nothing bad happened prior to January of 2009! 

How dare anyone suggest that the EPA should be allowed to regulate the storage of coal ash?
Obviously, the coal industry knows what it's doin. . .uh oh! 

And how dare you imply that the four men arrested in Georgia for planning a biological attack were affiliated with any sort of right-wing organization. Clearly these were four lone nuts, not influenced by anything they heard on FOX or hate-talk radio. And don't you dare call them "terrorists." 
Everyone knows that terrorists are Muslim.

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