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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Craziest Thing about Dana Loesch's Rape Comment

It's not that she equates non-consensual penetration with consensual intercourse. It's not that she dismisses the concerns of women who don't wish to be poked and prodded unnecessarily with a slut-shaming "hey, they ought to be used to having stuff jammed inside 'em." We've come to expect that sort of casual horror from people like her.
No, what is really insane is that she apparently doesn't know how to pronounce "vaginal." She pronounces it "Vaj-EYE-nul."


According to her Wikipedia bio, she was born in 1978. By my calculations, she has had a vagina for 33 years. Granted, "vaginal" is probably not a word that comes up a lot in conversation. I'm sure she doesn't say to her husband "golly, hon, I could sure go for some vaginal intercourse right about now!" But she has two kids. Surely at some point a doctor must have discussed something vaginal with her.
I have never had a vagina in all my years and I know how to pronounce "vaginal."
It's really inexplicable that a grown woman wouldn't.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

If she heard it pronounced correctly, she would probably just figure the speaker was an ignorant hick who didn't know how to say it.

o w grant said...


Daddyo said...

So... any women who's agreed to intercourse, ever, can't say "no" when someone else wants to penetrate them? With anything?