Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Despicable Idiot Joe "The Plumber" advocates murder

'Joe the Plumber': 'Put a fence on the damn border and start shooting'

PRESCOTT, Ariz. -- The man nicknamed "Joe the Plumber," during the 2008 presidential campaign told crowds in Prescott the solution to securing the border is putting up a fence and shooting at illegal crossers.
He first made the remarks Friday night at a campaign event for Republican state lawmaker Lori Klein, who is now running for a state House seat in District 1. 
"For years I've said, you know, put a damn fence on the border, going to Mexico and start shooting," Samuel "Joe" Wurzelbacher told a crowd at a fundraising dinner.


He reiterated the comments the following day at a "Patriot Rally" with Klein, saying: "I'm running for Congress. How many congressmen or people running for Congress have you heard, put a fence up and start shooting? None? Well you heard it here first. Put troops on the border and start shooting, I bet that solves our immigration problem real quick."


Because sneaking in to the country is obviously a capital offense.



jadedj said...

I would say, stick to the goddamn plumbing Joe, but he's not even a plumber.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

All he needs now is a brown shirt and a swastika.