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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Eric Cantor's Holiday Guide

Eric Cantor is apparently a bit confused as to what it is that Labor Day celebrates:

From Twitter:

Or maybe he does understand and this was just meant as a little "eff yoo" to the working class, I don't know.

At any rate, let's have a look at "Eric Cantor's Holiay Guide!"

St Patrick's Day:
--A Celebration of the noble snakes of Ireland

Memorial Day:
--The day we pay tribute to those who survived war and lived to tell about it.

July 4:
--A celebration of our historical links to mother England.

Cino de Mayo:
--Vive La France!

Mothers' Day:
--Remember to send your daughter flowers!

--Day of mourning for the death of Jesus.

Columbus Day:
--Anniversary of the founding of Ohio

Valentine's Day:
--First day of baseball season!

Presidents' Day:
--Freddy Mercury's birthday

Arbor Day:
--The day we honor Paul Bunyan

Fathers' Day:
--Annual orphan parade

Veterans' Day:
--The day we honor people with Tourette's syndrome

--Buddha's wedding anniversary

New Year's Eve:
--Salute to sobriety!

--A doo-wop lyric

Groundhog Day:
--celebrates the invention of the BLT

--Back hair appreciation week.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds good to me! There SHOULD be holidays for ALL of those things, LOL!

jadedj said...

You left out Darwin's Day. The celebration of Eric Cantor's evolution to single-cell status.