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Monday, September 10, 2012

Meet The Newest Additions to Team Chaos

IMG_20120909_182704.jpg by spudboy67 

Sunday afternoon, two kittens dropped by and decided to take up residence on our back deck. They had no collars, so we thought they might be strays and we gave them food and water and played with them. Soon, they had proven their mettle and we invited them to become permanent members of Team Chaos. Naturally, they accepted eagerly.

Well, as it turns out, they already had humans, the couple who just moved in across the street.

IMG_20120909_182701.jpg by spudboy67
IMG_20120909_182701.jpg, a photo by spudboy67 on Flickr.

But they still wanted to be part-time Team Chaos members.

IMG_20120910_184148.jpg by spudboy67

This is Guiseppe. We did not give him that name, he came with it. We'll have to come up with a really cool code name for him.

IMG_20120910_184250.jpg by spudboy67

The Tabby is Zizou, named for French soccer star Zinedine Zidane. He probably doesn't need a code name, 'cuz that's already pretty cool.

IMG_20120910_184343.jpg by spudboy67

Zizou is definitely the Alpha brother.

IMG_20120910_184302.jpg by spudboy67

And the more active.

IMG_20120910_184216.jpg by spudboy67

Whereas Guiseppe is more apt to sit still long enough to have his photo taken.
This may prove to be a liability if he is sent deep undercover. We'll work on it.

IMG_20120910_184224.jpg by spudboy67

Zizou is never still for long, he's always exploring his surroundings, looking for something to chase. He should become a skilled assassin.

IMG_20120910_183720.jpg by spudboy67

They may look harmless, but I assure you, they are preparing to spread Chaos throughout Northwest Atlanta.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Nothing can cause chaos like cats! Welcome, boys!

Kal said...

I have a couple of visiting kitties who I leave food out for. When I open the door in the morning they are close enough to hear me rattle the box of food.