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Friday, October 5, 2012

She Gets paid to Write Things Also

What the hell has happened to the Washington Post?

Sally Quinn
Sally Quinn
On Faith

Romney captures the God vote at first debate

Okay, stop. God doesn't get to vote. Maybe before all the voter ID laws, He could've, but trust me, there is no DMV in Heaven.

Did you mean to say the "religious person's vote?"

  When Mitt Romney mentioned the “Creator” in the debate Wednesday, he owned it. 

Um, he owned what? The debate? God? The act of mentioning things?

     When Mitt Romney mentioned the “Creator” in the debate Wednesday, he owned it. “We’re all children of the same God,” he said.

We all wear the same magic underwear, and believe that caffeine is evil.

 "We’re all children of the same God,” he said.  That’s about 85 percent of the country he was talking to.

85% of the country is Mormon?

 That’s about 85 percent of the country he was talking to. That should have been President Obama’s constituency but he let Romney have it as he let Romney have the debate. 

Why should that have been President Obama's constituency? Since when have the religious fanatics liked Obama? And if there is a "constituency" made of of 85% of the country, wouldn't most elections be enormous landslides? You just have to capture that one constituency, and your opponent has no chance.  I guarantee you that nothing that Mitt Romney said  is going to win over 85% of the population. You aren't going to get 85% of the population to go "he mentioned God! He's got my vote, no matter how hard he plans to fuck Medicare!"

This is a religious country. Part of claiming your citizenship is claiming a belief in God, even if you are not Christian.

Where the fuck do you get that?  When new immigrants are sworn in as citizens, are you under the impression that they are asked about their beliefs or required to choose a faith, or . . . what are you even trying to say? There is abso-lutely no God-related facet of US Citizenship.

You can believe in Jaweh, or Allah, or Krishna, or nobody and be a citizen in good standing. You can be a pagan or Wiccan, or Buddhist, or Sikh, hell you can even be a Scientologist and your citizenship will not be affected at all.

We’ve got the Creator in our Declaration of Independence.
Why do people think that the Declaration of Independence is some sort of legally binding document? It was written as PR, to explain to the other monarchies of Europe why they should not intervene on behalf of the British crown. It's not part of the Constitution, it's not the law.  It has no power.

We’ve got “In God We Trust” on our coins. We’ve got “one nation under God” in our Pledge of Allegiance. And we say prayers in the Senate and the House of Representatives to God.            An atheist could never get elected dog catcher, much less president. 

Have you heard of United States Congressman Pete Stark? 'Cuz he's an atheist, and I'm pretty sure he outranks dogcatcher.

An atheist could never get elected dog catcher, much less president. (Democratic Rep. Pete Stark of California is a nontheist but doesn’t talk much about it).

Oh, my God, you are familiar with Mr. Stark! And you think that he doesn't disprove your point? Because he doesn't run on the "vote for me, I'm an atheist" platform? Are you high?

He doesn't talk much about it, except on podcasts.

Dem Rep. Pete Stark Praises Atheists‘ ’National Day of Reason’ on House Floor

Posted on April 30, 2012 at 3:15pm

Or on the floor of the House.

Up until now, the idea of being American and believing in God were synonymous.

When the Republicans tried to take away the flag it took a long time for the Democrats to realize they had been hijacked. For years, Democrats were wary of wearing flag pins for fear of seeming to pander. They finallygot the message.

True. They got the message "don't be afraid to pander!"


Now it’s God. The Republicans have claimed God as their own this entire campaign, each candidate trying to out-Christian the other. Even Obama, though 17 percent of registered voters think he is a Muslim, has talked about being a Christian as often as he can.

So, what's your point? Romney scored some huge victory by mentioning God once, but Obama talks about his Christian beliefs all the time, so he loses the "God vote?" How does that make any sense? He talks about Christianity all the time, what's the problem?

          Still, none of Obama’s references have been in a debate.

Are you havin' a laugh?
 Is she havin' a laugh?

    Still, none of Obama’s references have been in a debate. And there was Obama-- grim faced, nervous, fumbling his words and wearing his American flag pin -- letting Romney, confident and aggressive and in control, roll right over him at every turn.

Okay, so Romney was rolling over the grim-faced, nervous, fumbling Obama at every turn. So the God thing had nothing to do with it, right?

 But the God thing clinched it.


 If Obama wants to win the next debate, he needs to wear God, as much as it offends him to do so, the same way he captured the flag for this one.   

Wear God? Wear God? Okay, I'm assuming you mean something like "wear his faith on his sleeve," but you just said, YOU JUST SAID, and I quote: " Even Obama. . .  has talked about being a Christian as often as he can." So how does it "offend him" to "wear God?"

Do you even listen to yourself?

Hey, nice hire, Washington Post! How did this hack get this job, anyway?

Quinn is the third wife of Benjamin C. Bradlee, her former boss at The Washington Post

Ah. Got it! 


Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous said...

Wow, that woman isn't very good at constructing a good debate, is she! Someone should have told her that just saying something won't make it happen.

jadedj said...

I don't recall who, but someone dubbed old Sally, the "Washington Dinner Crowd Queen". I would add to that...aka the "let them eat cake" crowd. Need anything else be said?

Brewella Deville said...

She wasn't always so concerned with God or capturing the good opinion of his minions. Relevant to this conversation, she became Bradlee's third wife by screwing him while he was married to wife #2.

Professor Chaos said...

Ooh, dish!