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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stupid Story of the Day

(via Yahoo News)

Why Black Friday is losing its meaning. In this photo: Shoppers brave Toys 'R' Us during Black Friday (Getty Images/file photo)

Why Black Friday is losing its meaning

Oh, it's so sad.Black Friday has just gotten so commercialized that it's lost it's original meaning. It used to be about  crass, naked acquisitiveness. Now, I just don't know what meaning it has left. Do the younger generation even know what Black Friday is even about?

Goddammit, I hate Black Friday. I mean, I hate that "Black Friday" has become a thing now, not just a bit of retailer jargon, stores now advertise Black Friday sales as if it were an event unto itself, not just a day when most folks are off work and sick of their families and looking for something, anything, to get them out of the house for a few hours so, sure, why not do some early Christmas shopping? Now everyone is supposed to act like the day after Thanksgiving is some sort of actual holiday, or something to look forward to, or something other than the most obnoxious consumer feeding frenzy of the year, and the worst day possible to be a retail employee. Hate it!


Kal said...

This is the reason I am so glad I have no family or friends to celebrate the joyous season with. I am quite comfortable in my bitterness over the crass commercialism of the time. It's all such a letdown that steal a bit of my soul with each commercial I watch.

Brewella Deville said...

Poseur. I was hating the commercialization of Black Friday way before it was cool ; )

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Here in Canada where we don't even celebrate Thanksgiving in November, stores are now starting to push Black Friday sales and madness. I think it's appalling.

Blueberry said...

Christmas commercialism is swelling like a cancer - bigger each year. With some of the big-boxes beginning to start the frenzy on Thursday night (even as early at 8pm), they have officially overtaken Thanksgiving with full-on Christmas.