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Monday, November 5, 2012

The less relevant you become, the wackier things you have to say

Because no one gives a shit about Rudy Giuliani anymore, this:

Rudy Giuliani: 'This is a worse response 
than Katrina'
    Former NYC Mayor criticizes president's response in Northeast

"Right now is doing a terrible job of disaster relief in my city, but no one is talking about," said Giuliani. "People don't have water, they don't have food, electricity and his FEMA is no where to be found. This is a worse response than Katrina."

"They are still finding bodies in Staten Island," said Giuliani. "People are yelling and screaming, 'How does the president get all this praise for disaster relief? How does Gov. Christie give him all this praise?' He's doing a terrible job with disaster relief," said Giuiliani. "This is a much worse than it used to be under President Bush."

I never understood the whole Giuliani thing. He was mayor of New York when 9/11 happened. That's pretty much it. Obviously, you can't put any of the blame for 9/11 on Giuliani, but I never understood how hw got to be considered some sort of hero either. What did he do? It's not like he ran into the burning buildings to rescue people.

None of these guys are Giuliani.

But somehow, people started referring to him as "America's mayor," and he built his entire campaign for president on the fact that he was mayor when something awful happened. It never made any sense to me. 
But now, no one  cares about him any more, so on the rare occasion that someone sticks a mic in his face these days, he has to say something like that. Something so ridiculous that it's bound to get noticed. Something that might help him book another couple of appearances on FOX. 


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