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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Netflix Movie Review

God Bless America, written & directed by Bob "Bobcat" Goldthwait

I don't remember hearing about this movie ever coming out in theaters, but I heard Goldthwait talking about it on an old episode of Doug Loves Movies ( and it actually sounded kind of stupid, but then I loved World's Greatest Dad which Bobcat also wrote and directed, so anyway, I finally decided to check it out.

First of all, trigger warning, as they say on Tumblr, this movie absolutely glorifies gun violence which, in light of recent events, makes it a bit disturbing. there's even a shooting in a movie theater. (This movie was released in 2011)

That being said, I can't tell you how much I liked this movie.


Joel Murray, whom I'd only previously seen when catching bits and pieces of Dharma & Greg, is unbelievable as main character/anti-hero Frank. Not to give too much away, but Frank's life is pretty shitty, he's disgusted by American culture, and he goes on a killing spree. I know, it feels like you've seen this movie before, but not like this.
 I don't want to spoil it, just let me say that if you can get past the violence, this movie is darkly funny, poignant, sometimes sad, and did I mention that Joel Murray is a revelation. 

I wasn't so thrilled with the female lead, played by Tara Lynne Barr. She does a good job acting the role, I just wasn't crazy about the way her role was written. But seriously, see this movie. And if you haven't seen World's Greatest Dad, rent that too! Bobcat Goldthwait is fast becoming one of my favorite filmmakers.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

I always got a kick out of Bobcat Goldthwait but I haven't seen either of these movies. I hear he kind of has a cult following for them.

jadedj said...

I started watching this several months ago and, as you mentioned, I just couldn't get past the violence. Maybe I'll give it another try.

Brewella Deville said...

I agree, I thought this movie was one of the best I've seen in a long time.