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Monday, June 2, 2014

The more you Know?

Oh my God, have you seen this?
This has to be the stupidest PSA in the history of PSAs.
And of course it stars a member of America's most despicable family that isn't named Bush.

Does she seriously think that you're going to teach your kids an appreciation for other cultures by serving them ethnic cuisine?

They can't possibly be prejudiced against the Mexicans once we introduce Taco Tuesdays!

And yes, having foods of many nations for dinner is exactly like "having the whole world over for dinner." Yes, that's it exactly. You can really come to understand the culture of Hungary by eating a bowl of goulash. You'll feel like you practically grew up in Thailand once you've eaten Pad See Ew!

It's really hard to tell if she believes her own nonsense with that simpleton smile plastered on her blank, expressionless, dead-eyed  face.  But I'm willing to accept that she probably does. After all, this is a woman who thinks that starring in amateur pornography is equivalent to having actual accomplishments.

So, yeah. Let's all serve some international fare for dinner tonight. Just bite into some gyro and you'll no longer need to see the Parthenon. Make some crepes for dessert and save yourself the trouble of having to stroll along the Left Bank on a summer's evening.

Geezus. I wouldn't have thought it was humanly possible for a grown-ass woman to be this ridiculously shallow, insipid and vacuous and still be able to stand upright.


anne marie in philly said...

at least she ain't showing her boobs, or parading her ugly kids around.

but yeah, this bitch is clueless!

Bob Slatten said...

I can't with That Woman