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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

AP reporter is part of the problem

This article ran this morning in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution under the headline

"Officials Trying to Learn From Tragedy."

The Associated Press
They've lined the streets with police in riot gear, brought in a new black commander with an empathetic manner, imposed a curfew, lifted it and deployed the National Guard. But violence is still erupting nightly in Ferguson, Missouri.

Yeah, wow, what a mystery. How could violence still possibly be erupting after all that? Gosh, no matter how many people we beat, tear-gas, and pelt with rubber-coated bullets, there still seems to be violence occurring!

And are we really going to pretend that the violence is not coming from the cops?


Yeah, these guys look like they're just trying to restore peace and order.

Let's see, one guy is armed with a rifle, the other with a posterboard sign.* Who do you think is instigating violence? Apparently, it's a mystery. At least to Sharon Cohen, who is officially part of the problem.

*And, now that I look closer, seems to be a lady wearing pajamas.

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