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Saturday, September 13, 2014

I love a parade Vol. III

Just a few more pictures from the Dragon*Con Parade.

These are Gumbys
The person on the far right wins my award for cleverest costume - Gumby dressed as a Gumby..

 This would appear to be tiny Spiderman hanging out with Gotham City villains.

Not cool, tiny Spidey, not cool.

Probably the less said about this next group the better: 


More Box Heroes, an Atlanta institution:


 No idea.

Um, a robot?

I have no clue.

Wait, now I do:

Putting the Dragon in Dragon*Con

Admiral Akbar busting ghosts?

This has to be from Star Wars, right?

Oh my God, I actually know this one!
Back to the Future!

Ooh, two in a row -- Indy!

Scary sword guy?

On the right, Powerpuff Girls. On the left? Maybe porn characters?

The Periodic Table of Elements

And as we all know, the most terrifying element is Sodium:

The Ice King

Some guy. Looks like a jerk.


Wreck-it Ralph, Disney princesses and some walking eclairs.

And, to reward you for your patience, I will close with a little beefcake:


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Loki without Thor? Blasphemy!

anne marie in philly said...


actually, the box hero costumes are nicely made.

and the gumbys...thank bob it's not the OTHER gumby (I never liked gumby the cartoon).

Bob Slatten said...

I liked the pictures, but your captions were the best part!

Professor Chaos said...

Aww, thanks! **blushing**