Tuesday, November 11, 2014

They finally found some voter fraud!

They finally found the reprehensible felon responsible for defrauding the American electoral system!

And it's this lady:


Young Mother Arrested For Voting In Iowa

By karoli November 11, 2014 6:30 am

You see, this nice lady went down to the election place and registered to vote and then actually voted even though, unbeknownst to her, she was not actually allowed to do those things. Which might not sound like all that serious a crime, but. . .

Two months after I cast my ballot as a civics lesson for my daughter, the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation agents parked across the street from my house, questioned me, and eventually arrested me and charged me with voter fraud.

  Which carries a sentence of up to FIFTEEN YEARS!

Of course, all of this horribly fraudulent fraud could have been prevented if only Iowa has a voter ID law. . . oh, wait. . .
They do.

And yet, this dangerous criminal was able to register and vote, just as she would have been had there not been a voter ID law, then someone with too much time on his hands checked the voter rolls against  state criminal records, just as they could have done had there been no ID law and found a match, just as they could have done without a voter ID law and then decided for some ungodly reason to have this woman arrested for doing what many consider her civic duty. Just as they could have done without a voter ID law. You don't need a voter ID law to catch dangerously felonious felons like Kelli Jo Griffin, you just have to be the kind of asshole who hates when people get to vote.

Oh, and the reason she doesn't get to vote? Let her explain:

Let me explain: When I was convicted on a nonviolent drug charge in 2008, my defense attorney told me that once I served my probation, I would regain my right to vote automatically – correct information at the time. But Gov. Terry Branstad suddenly changed the rules in 2011, and now all citizens with a felony conviction lose their voting rights for life. 

Now, I'm no legal expert, but how is that not an ex post facto law? Shouldn't that only apply to people convicted after 2011? Any lawyers out there want to enlighten me?

Anyway, it's reassuring to see that the right-wing wasn't just being total dicks about voting. They actually were protecting our democracy from an actual, serious threat.

This lady:


anne marie in philly said...

OMB, she looks like a terrorist! what dickheads those people are!

the dogs' mother said...

I agree - retro active law?!?! Hopefully someone is following up on this.

Bob said...

Is dumbfounded!