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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

How Not to Share Your Religion

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Geez, where to begin with this guy?

Okay, first of all, you're not "witnessing." What you're doing is forcing some poor Taco Bell employee to shout out something uncomfortable while you smirk.
And what is it you think you're going to accomplish here? Do you envision the Taco Bell lady shouting "order of cinnamon craps for Jesus Christ is Lord" and someone looking up from his "taco" and saying "he is? He 's Lord? Well, get me to the church on time, for from this day forth I. Am. A. Christian! I know not what choices others may make, but as for me and my hose, we shall serve the Lord!"

Also, this isn't so much "witnessing" as it is blaspheming. If I were working at Taco Bell and someone asked me to address him as "Jesus Christ is Lord" and especially if the condescending prick talked to me like a parent encouraging a toddler "be sure to say it all loud so I can hear you all the way in back" I have to think my response would be something like "no, I will not say that, it would be incredibly disrespectful. I am not going to shout out 'I have an order of cinnaturds for Jesus Christ. I will also not call you "Allah," "Buddha," "Krishna," or "Lord Xenu." Well, no I take that back, I will refer to you as "Lord Xenu," in fact every time you come in here, I will shout out "nice to see you again, Lord Xenu!"

And also, too, if you're going to try to convert people to your religion, it's probably best not to act like a smug, smirking, self-impressed asshole. Just sayin'


anne marie in philly said...

what a fucking jerk!

HNY to all at your house!

jadedj said...

Oh how someone needs to bitch slap this smug SOB.

Lowell said...

This is exactly the kind of thing that the Jesus of the Synoptic Gospels said NOT to do. Do not parade your religion in public. That's hypocritical to the extreme. And everyone knows it. The only person who would respond positively to this guy would be someone just as moronic as he is. So, he thinks he's doing his Jesus a favor when actually he turns people off to whatever else he might say.

So many who claim the Christian title these days are unrecognizable from any follower of Jesus in the Gospels. They are militant, angry (often masked with faux concern), and obsessively stupid!