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Sunday, February 15, 2015

How is this even possible?

This has just gotten insane!

Alabama Minister Arrested for Disorderly Conduct After Trying to Officiate Gay Marriage

It's not bad enough that troglodyte chief justice Roy Moore has decided that Alabamans don't have to obey the law if they don't want to, now they can arrest someone who does obey the law?

Same-sex couples married in some Alabama courthouses today, but many counties refused to allow the unions despite rulings on Monday from a federal judge and the U.S. Supreme Court to permit them.

Jeezus Christ! Haven't we been over this already? Didn't you assholes already try try this shit with segregation? And you're still just going to pretend that the Supremacy Clause doesn't exist?

As of Friday, the Autauga County Probate Office ceased all marriages inside the office. Probate Judge Al Booth told the Montgomery Advertiser newspaper that the decision to stop performing the ceremonies was related to work flow, not the recent federal court order lifting the state’s ban on same-sex marriages. 

Oh, of course. Of course. There are just so darn many people trying to have their weddings at the Astauga County courthouse, you just can't possibly accommodate all of them!  The only way to be fair is to just not do your fucking job for any loving couples. gay or breeder. Of course!

Autauga County Sheriff Joe Sedinger tells ABC News that Diprizio's attempt to perform a marriage was the only reason she was arrested for disorderly conduct and not with the fact it was a same-sex marriage.

Of course. It's weddings in general to which you object.

How many times do you slack-jawed yokels want to re-fight the Civil War? The Supreme Court of the United States is, as the name implies, the supreme court of the United States. If they say same-sex marriage is legal, guess what, moron? It's legal. Do you never tire of being on the wrong side of history?

You're just lucky Ike isn't president anymore, or he'd have the National Guard down there enforcing the goddamm law.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Appalling. And thanks for posting my favourite Judge Judy gif enough. Can't get enough of it!

anne marie in philly said...

george wallace is probably ROTF.

WTeverlovinF is it with these hillbillies?

One Fly said...

They are fucking stupid. The want to be stupid. They are proud of their stupidity. They are racists and nasty stupid bigots. Proud of that too. And yes many would love to fight again to prove stupid is smarter ya see.

Fuck the South - all of them and just to be clear that includes Texass as well. Double fuck them.

To be even more clear - fuck the simple bastards in my state of Colorado as well as we are inching upwards to the levels of teh stupid many real Mercuns want these days ya see.

I find myself not wanting to be be around people like this. Certainly will spend no money if it's a business.

The county I was born in back in the cornfield voted overwhelmingly for Steve King and the new crazy woman on the block Ernst. Fuck them too relatives or not. Have no plans on visiting at all.

Bob Slatten said...

Alabama is really putting the 'ass' in backasswards.