Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What the hell is Trump on about now?

What the hell does he think she was doing? Is he that creeped out by the idea that she might be peeing? Or Number-two-ing? Personally I think she might have been throwing up, she definitely did not seem to be feeling at all well that evening. Anyway, a grown man can not possibly be that horrified by normal bodily functions, so what is it he thought she was doing backstage?

Here now are the top ten things that Donald Trump thinks Hillary Clinton might have been doing backstage.

10. Sacrificing an infant to Moloch

9. A salute to Karen Finley

8. Eating baluts

7. Watching Japanese tentacle porn

6. Fart contest?

5. Some light cannibalism

4. Saw movie marathon

3. Some kind of Island of Dr. Moreau scenario

2. Colonoscopy festival.

and the number one disgusting thing that Trump thinks Hillary Clinton might have been doing backstage. . . .

Defending Bill Cosby !



anne marie in philly said...

things the rump does that's disgusting - #1 HE EXISTS!

jadedj said...

Then there was the comment about how she lost the election last time and got 'schlonged'. Schlonged? WTF? Is he having sexual fantasies about her?

What the hell is with this guy? His rhetoric, in this case, doesn't square with the "buddy, buddy" photos of him and the Clintons at his wedding.

I'm pretty much sick of this sphincter muscle-mouth asshole.

And anne marie in philly you are dead right on! That was the first thing that came to my mind.

Bob Slatten said...

I am amazed by anyone who thinks this buffoon is presidential.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I vote for FART CONTEST!

Lowell said...

Donald Trump is the new meaning of the term ass-hole!

Margaret Benbow said...

This bloviating schmuck was probably wearing a diaper at the debate.