Friday, March 23, 2018

Crybaby of the Week

United States Congessman Mark Amodei

Rep. Mark Amodei

So last Wednesday, high school students in Rep. Amodei's district did what teens all over the country did. They walked out of class for 17 minutes to call attention to the government's complete inaction on the epidemic of senseless gun violence in this stupid country.
One student, a Noah Christensen, took the opportunity to call his congressman's office and siad, among other more innocuous things, that  Congress should "get off their f***ing asses" and take action. (CNN)

So the Congressman apparently did what any mature adult would do in this situation, he tattled!
And he didn't even do it himself, he had an aide call Christensen's school and report that the teen had used naughty words!

What's Happening!! Dee - Oooooh!!!! I'm telling mama!!!!

Amodei said his office received several hundred calls from students during the walkout and that Christensen was the only caller to use profanity.

 “Ow! My freakin’ ears!” from ‘Bart Sells His Soul’. Season 7, Episode
Oh my stars! A middke-aged man heard a swear!

Amodei said his office did not seek to have the student reprimanded but was merely relaying to the school what had occurred.
"We did not retaliate -- we reported what the guy did," he said. "We did not ask for discipline or anything like that."

Riiiiiight. . . Obviously you had no intention of getting the kid in trouble when you called his school and reported him to the teacher for being a potty mouth you pissy little crybaby.

So I assume that after you calmed down from the shock of hearing a four-letter word, you realized that you had overreacted and apologized to the kid, right?

"I don't want him (Christensen) to apologize to my guy for dropping the F-bomb. So I'm certainly not going to apologize to him," he said. "What am I going to apologize for?"

Maybe because after your flunky snitched on him like a blue-nosed little priss, his school "gave him a two-day suspension for "disrespectful behavior/language" and barred him from fulfilling his role as class secretary/treasurer."


anne marie in philly said...


Lowell said...

I'm Mr. Amodei and I have every right to be pissed. I mean really, these damn kids today. They think they have the right to speak their minds even after being shot at. Where's that good old-fashioned American spirit that says "We can take it!"

"Nowhere in sight! That old-fashioned American spirit. They just whine. Are they legislators? Are they making the laws about abortion and protecting our 32nd Amendment (or was that the 2nd Amendment?).

These kids need to leave me alone so I can continue to do nothing in my elegant office while collecting my paycheck. Well, I'm not doing nothing, just nothing I can think of at the moment. Except for getting the Bible and prayer back in the public schools. If we have that today, these whiny little kids would stay in their classrooms and thank the good Lord for the opportunity they have to learn stuff about how great Amurica is and how our great leader is busy making it even greater, when he's not chasing around with porn stars on golf courses.

I think I'm gonna have to run for another term 'cause there's still so much work to be done. Some people still think they should be able to buy contraceptives in the local drug store. I've got to check with my bishop but I'm pretty sure Jesus would say that should be illegal.

I'd write more, but the NRA has called an urgent meeting to deal with this crisis of out-of-control kids. Please bring your machine gun if you plan to attend the meeting.

Thank you! Sincerely, Mark Amodei, representative extraordinaire, serving a few people all the time.

Bob said...

"We did not retaliate -- we reported what the guy did," he said. "We did not ask for discipline or anything like that."

Asshat says what?

Fuck off Amodel.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I hope they called the W-A-A-A-H-mbulance for Congressman Amodei.

brewella deville said...

Were I the principal of that school, I'd have taped the entire student body as they performed a rousing rendition of South Park's "Shut Your Fucking Face, Uncle Fucker" and sent it directly to CNN.

As an aside, now that Amodei has inserted himself into the nation's notice, how long before he's caught in a hotel with a sex worker who isn't his wife?

Deedles said...

It's funny how Anne Marie and Lowell have said the same thing using different words. Ah variety :)

Tal Hartsfeld said...

A grown adult going through the charades of "being traumatized by" the word "fuck"?

Okay, I realize the more sophisticated and debonair types deliberately avoid using such crude roughneck "trailer-park" modes of speaking, but even that's only to project an air of "cultural breeding", sort of etiquette-inspired psyop of sort.

Societies have way too much solidarity with the dogmatically-obsessed crowds.