Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sarah Palin's Book

Apparently, Saeah Palin's ghostwriter finished up early, so Sarah's book should be on shelves any day now!

The title of the book is "Going Rogue: An American Life."

I could think of a few more appropriate titles.

Ok, the fake covers are more of a pain to make than they're worth. Here are the other titles I thought of.

Speakin' in Tongues:
My life as a vapid Holy-Roller.

Let's Go! Back to the Nineteenth Century.

Going Rouge:
Looking like a Naughty Librarian
for Fun and Profit.

The Unbearable Rightness of Fleeing.

Pallin' Around With the Extreme Right.

How to succeed in Politics Without Really Trying.

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Ignorance.

Zen and the Art of Shooting Things From a Helicopter.

Death Panels in Venice.

The Great Gaffe'sby.

A Room With A view. Of Russia!

The Postman always Quits Twice.

The Lyin' The Witch and the Wardrobe which I totally didn't even keep.

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Michelle said...

these are really funny, perfesser.