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Friday, June 11, 2010

Who's Got Ideas For Dealing With The Oil Spill?

Me 'n' my buddies'll line up on the beach, an' if that oil gets within 20 yards of shore, we'll blow its fuckin' head off!
Let's just move the oil to a different body of water and then let's never speak of it again!

wtf photos videos My Crotch Burns

Let's burn it off! That would be frickin awesome! God, I am so wasted!

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Well, my cat-bucket idea sure isn't working!

I didn't factor in the goose element.

I could block the oil with a Wall of Sound!

Has anyone tried gettin' a bunch a naked chicks to roll around in it?

I'm just saying, it couldn't hurt!

wtf photos videos

Unleash the Robot Army!

There is no oil spill! It's all a giant hoax perpetrated by the television!

Just tell that oil to go back to where the hell it came from!

I'm working on a new invention that should solve the problem once and for all.
I just need a giant, floating head. Preferably a thirsty giant floating head.

Yes, this could work!

Market it to children?
Say it's educational.

wtf photos videos

Wrap it up in pastry!

Mazola, dude. Mazola.


McGriddle Pants said...

You know, I try not to be racist... but WHAT THE FUCK is going on in that pastry picture? Small school-aged children standing in front of a pig-in-a-blanket? Seriuosly. My mind has been blown.

Anonymous said...

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