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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why some people should just stay off of the Twitter

Hey, John McCain is on the Twittering machine. And he's using this new form of media to communicate important information to his constituents about. . . haha, no. He's just straight up chattin' with Snookie.

Oh, walnuts.

For anyone who has been spared the knowledge of her existence, Snookie is one of these:

Another one of these is nicknamed "The Situation" which makes McCain's line about tax and stuff really clever and funny! See, it's funny because he used "The Situation" which is a person who is on the same show as the Snookie, but he used it in a different context, which is so, you know what, I don't have time to explain comedy to you people. Trust me, other comics appreciated that line. I'm sure Lewis Black is wishing he'd thought of that one.

So, I think a pretty good indication that you are no longer qualified to hold a position of responsibility is the use of the phrase "You're Right, Snookie!" Unless Snookie has just said that cows say moo, or that airplanes fly in the sky. In any other context, that phrase just doesn't make sense.