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Friday, July 30, 2010

Cheap Patriotism

Today, I saw a van from this company:


The People's Choice for all your Plumbing & Electrical Needs

parked outside the local Home Depot.

It looked a lot like this van:

painted up with flags and bald eagles and "In God We Trust," and whatnot.

I would not hire this plumber/electrician service just because of this cheap tawdry display of superficial patriotism.

I'm not convinced that sincere, genuine patriotism isn't a vice itself, but I probably shouldn't open that can of worms.

The thing is, why would I want to hire a plumber based on his claims not to do the best quality work, or have the lowest prices, or most convenient availability, but because he loves America! And he trusts in God! who looks for that in a plumber? If Traitor McBlasphemy can get your toilet working better than Reverend Unclesammington, wouldn't you go with whoever does the best job?

It's so pathetic that a company would resort to cheap emotional manipulation to drum up business. It seems to me that if you're using the symbols of your nation to make a couple of bucks installing faucets, maybe you're not really all that patriotic anyway.

Just like all those businesses that work the Jesus-fish into their logo or promotional materials.

It's like they love Jesus so much, that they'll reduce him to the status of a company mascot.

And I guess they figure that people will see the fish and think "Now, that's the company I want to give my business to, because they seem to share my religious convictions."

It's tacky. And if you believe that Jesus sacrificed his life to save the world from eternal damnation, you think you'd be a bit more respectful.

1 comment:

jadedj said...

This is one of my pet peeves. I totally refuse to use the services or, or trade with a company or individual who does this. I am not sure which is more shameful, the patriot bit, or the bejesus bit.